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The AgroBarn Limited is both a supply chain livestock production in poultry and also an AgriTech value chain company that offers solutions to support farmers and other stakeholders for improved food production using novel technologies. We aim at providing agricultural extension market information, managerial support, and access to markets & financial services to rural farmers with unique mobile technologies. For farmers in Nigeria, this technology is game-changing. It offers them a way to receive the most productivity out of their land and resources. Many farmers who are more skeptical about relying on technological sources for their products seem to lack the full potential that their crops could produce..

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What we do

Our Products Are Mainstay For Us


Our vegetables are grown organically and we also help connect vegetable famers to supply retail stores or for personal consumption.


Our eggs are freshly collected from our farm and also rightly outsourced locally from other farms to ensure we meet up with demands.


Our Chickens are bred and processed under hygienic conditions to meet up to the consumer needs.


Our corns are grown and are used either for commercial consumption or used for producing livestock such as poultry feeds.

Make the green world

Farming Practices To Preserve Land & Water

Farming practice for

Chicken Farmed For Meat

We ensure our chickens are bred in clean and pollution free enviroments to prevent disease and cut cost on vaccines.

Farming practice for

Soil Improvement Techniques

We only use what we need. Preserving land and precious resources like water and manure is one of our top priorities.

Farming practice for

Intensive Fruit Farming

Fruits give back to the soil not just to humans, that's why we try to to add vegitables and fruits all year round.

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