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FAQs About AgroDial

What is AgroDial ?

AgroDial is one of the services at AgroBarn to enable smallholder farmers receive personalized information as regards their daily operational processes from us. This services enable farmer to gain access to tips, inisights on weather information, access to finance and also purchase of inputs.

Just by subscribing to our USSD special code, you receive daily information on your day to day farm practices, customers receives information on pricing and bi business receives information as regards produce availability.

Yes, at first time of registration, we provide users with SMS credits to call our agents for free. After the freemium period, users can now pay a very affordable token for the calls.

Yes, service fee applies for different network providers.

We are consumer and customer driven business. We are here for you and will be willingly to satisfy your request. In addition you can simply call the customer care or send an email to info@agrobarn.ng